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December 2nd, 2006

You can delete them! They are just examples, you can replace them by the websites of your friends or community.


New version of phpLD Released v3.1.0

December 1st, 2006

So for all the new guys that wants to run a directory using the php link directory technology, here are a few tips and informations:

- Thread on php Link Directory Forum about v3.1 (discussion)
- Official thread of the v3.1 release

Old resources for phpld version 3:

- Upgrade to Version 3 thread

Problems encountered

Seems like some mods aren’t supported. So, perhaps it’s better to wait a while before installing it, once i notice everything is alright i’ll start upgrading templates for v3.1 and will also upgrade my directories (outch**) That hurt!
I keep every one informed,

Red Lava new phpLD Template

November 24th, 2006


- Version 3.0.6 & 2.1
- Red layout, suits nicely for business and general directories
- Ads placements already created.
- Accessible for IE 5.5+, FireFox, Opera and other web browsers.
- No Demo available for the template ( just look at the screenshots below or browse the phpLD templates user page. )
- The zip file contains .psd files, fonts, template installation guide, .png files (working for IE5.5/6.0 using some javascript fix).

Particularity of the Template:

- CSS menu, that menu bar looks really cool! (Let’s hope there is still the demo so you get a proof of it!)
- Mods installed on v3.0.6: Suggest Category + Alexa Traffic Details in Link’s Details page + Contact us + Statistic Mod.
- Mods installed on v2.1: Suggest Category + Details Page Mod (with alexa traffic rankings also) + Contact us + Statistic Mod.

Screenshots of the Templates:

Red Lava Screenshot 1 Red Lava Screenshot 2 Red Lava Screenshot 3 Red Lava Screenshot 4

Download Red Lava Template:

Red Lava Version 2.1 | (361kb / .zip)
Red Lava Version 3.0.6 | (271kb / .zip)

SEO Contest For the Keywords Directorycontest.com

November 19th, 2006

SEO Directory Contest Dot Com Introduction

Dalai lama in the directorycontest.com keyword, he will pwns anyone on his path, so beware of the dude! Directorycontest.com will not provide informations of the directory of the Dalai Lama for security reasons.

It happens that on internet search engine optimizers gets bored and actually try to do something interesting with our friend gaygle search engine the first homosexual search engine. Cause it’s internet! (Thanks to Rob at DirectoryDump to sponsor the contest with Gaygle the Gay search engine.)
So those things are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Contest. The purpose is to rank first or in the TOP10 results for a keyword (that the sponsor/admin/boss of the contest decided) on a search engine.

Organizers of the contest set up rules, for example, do not use that keyword or this keyword but still you’ve to rank for it. It can be very fun to do seo contests, for instance you learn a lot. When you see a site ranking first and you tried all your best to get to the top ranking, you will learn and understand (if you’re smart obviously) why he ranked first and not you. If you love search engine optimization, you have to try doing those contests!

Why that site is ranking first and not me? How can i outrank kick the hell out of him?

- Get backlinks is one of the biggest factor why of why you will rank first. In a seo/directory contest, SEOs will trade/buy/sell links, and this is the main reason why the winner is the winner. So get backlinks! But how can i get those famous backlinks that’ll make me win that contest?

Go to forums and add links to your signature, so that each time you post something you’ll get backlink(s). (Still with the forums) Trade & Buy links (only if you can of course) on forums like NamePros or DigitalPoint.

For directory contests it’s a bit different cause people are building links for the short term, and not in the long term like most of websites should do. So if you own a normal site, and wanna be part of the contest, there are may be no needs of promoting the page. Promoting the contest page your created like hell will result to a ban with gaygle.

- Do some ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO. But what’s that?

Well on page SEO is a term you employ when you optimize all the HTML ranking factors that could help your gaygle placement. Words/Keywords (google doesn’t make any difference anyway) should be, placed in H1 H2 tags, in bold, in italic, not so densed (make sure you don’t use them too much, you can use a keywords density tool to avoid those stuffs) but all on a same sentence or same page, in the meta tags, and more that you have to discover yourself!

Directorycontest.com: The SEO Contest!

Mao is with directorycontest.com

Visit Directory Contest Dot Com website for some more informations :) . SO this is a directory contest actually, and not a blog one. Which means i’ll be no winner even though this articles shows up in google SERPs which i hope.
The directories appearing in the TOP 10 for the keyword directorycontest.com  will receive prizes! How cute! Lot’s of directoriy owners will enter that contest.

The prizes for the contest of directorycontest.com

Here are the prizes page at directorycontest.com. So the winner will get 1200$ which is good, if you spend promoting your directory to win that contest, be sure you spend at least half of it and you’re sure of what you’re doing. Cause it’s easy to lose an SEO contest especially in the end on the final run when everybody is fixed and knows what they have to do to break the hell out of the websites ranking first or all the ones in the TOP10. That’s called SEO strategy, some guys will wait the end of the contest to appear and kicks a$$ and that’s great.

Who are the Sponsors of directorycontest.com A directory contest!

Jeff Behrendt, Jamey Perkins, Pete, Chris Hoffman, Aaron, Eric, Coolwebs, CReed, Crazy Zap, Whatifind, Shenron, Amit Patel, Manish

All informations about the sponsors are on the Directorycontest.com Sponsors Page.

Thanks to the sponsors of this contest, it’s really nice to see some people actually DO care about those kind of stuffs, big thanks to Jeff, Jamey, Chris, Aaron & Eric for their generous contribution :) .

When is the deadline of the directorycontest.com Contest?

On February 6th 2007, 10 AM P.S.T. we will know who is the winner of the contest, probably a directory that’s for sure.


Good Luck and
May the force of SEO Contest be with you!

phpLD Site of the month Contest! November 2006

November 13th, 2006


Every month… there is a contest at phplinkdirectory forum to decide who got the best design/content/modifications ever!

I need your vote for IWD!


Vote for the phpld site contest of the month for november 2006 .

Security Flow in phpLD 2.1 & 2.0

November 1st, 2006

You might be interested in reading the article of After 5 Web Design relating about a security issue in phpLD 2.1 and 2.0,

As Rob stated on Digital Point forum, the version 2.0 and 2.1 has been patched and can be downloaded at PHP Link Directory.

Patch your directories to avoid spammy submissions! Thanks for Tim Myth to have pointed that error out.

Irka Web Directory phpLD Template All Versions

October 31st, 2006


- Version 3.0.6 & 2.1
- Clean layout that fits for all kind of web directories.
- Available in 5 different colors! (See screenshots)
- Ads placements already created.
- Accessible for IE 5.5+, FireFox, Opera and other web browsers. Validated by the World Wide Web Consortium.
- V3.0.6 Demo: Irka Web Directory
- V2.1 Demo: Irka Web Directory
- To see how links renders like visit the category Computing on the v2.1 and the category Internet on the v3.0.6.
- The zip file contains .psd files, fonts, template installation guide, .png files (working for IE5.5/6.0 using some javascript fix).

Templates Screenshots:

- In Pink:

Simply visit the original Irka Web Directory.

- In Blue:


- In Yellow:


- In Green:


- In Black & Red (Ewww!! Yeah i know, anyway if you like it you can have the same embedded logo in red using the files provided in the folder “psd”):


Some Notes:

By keeping the backlinks of that template intact you will help me and my partners to build a very great free resource on internet, we especially count on the use of that template to lead that project to success.

So please do not remove the links in the footer for hours of work’s sake, if you want IWD to remain free this is the only way.
You can remove both backlinks by buying the template for $30. For more informations contact me at patrick[at]irkawebpromotions.com.

Mods Added:

- On the v3.0.6: Suggest Category Mod.

- On the v2.1: Suggest Category Mod, Details Mod.

Download The Files!

Irka Web Directory 2.1 | (1,124kb / .zip)
Irka Web Directory 3.0.6 | (1,119kb / .zip)

Comment about the colors, tell us which color you better like!

Maintenance On Current Templates

October 29th, 2006


I received messages from users that requested i do some changes to some templates. e.g: the logo button (back to homepage) doesn’t work correctly, or you can’t show your google ads.

I’ve fixed all those problems, now you will not encounter any troubles using those templates, i try my best to make you guys using those templates easily without any problems.

Little reminder For Adsense on PHPLD

To make your google ads work, just use that code {literal} Here are your google adsense script or any ads script {/literal}. Without those tags, the ads will not show up! So do not miss using them.

If you have any problems of any kind with phpLD, please visit the Knowledge Base Section at PHP Link Directory.

Using A Template On V 3.0.0 > 3.0.5

I’ve no time creating templates for all versions, i’m alone building them, if someone helps me well why not but right now i cannot. So here are a few tips for you to have any templates in v3.00 to v3.05.

Download any available templates in v2.1. Basically its the same script (V2.1 to v3.0X except v3.06) except for the files main.tpl and top_bar.tpl, just follow the html structure on v2.1 and copy and past it to the new template file (in v3.0X) without removing the original script.

If you are not careful, well it will works out but, latest links, top hits and category search will not work properly, so make sure it works fine, you can be a phpld designer too it’s not that difficult.

It can takes a while before you’ve your template working at 100% on any versions, just test your templates out until you see no mistakes, make sure people visit your templates also to give you comments or insights about what could be done to improve it or where are located mistakes and errors,

Next Template is Coming!

Yep Yep Yep! YAY! Yeah you will see how it looks like once its finished ;)


Some Statistics (October 2006)

October 23rd, 2006

Just wanted to share the number of referrals i got from google (mostly from google. Yahoo er… is sleeping). Here are the stats:


Rankings right now are:


I used the great Mikes Marketing Ranking Report Tool. Guys there got awesome tools, go check it and have some fun. Seems like i have a few #1 rankings. Will try my best to get to the top, for a first month this is so so.

I also didn’t prepared the next template, i am extremly busy working on directories such as Irka Web Directory.


Futuristic Artists phpLD Templates - Deep Blue

October 20th, 2006

A very good template offered by coolweb

This templates works for the v3.0.6 of php Link Directory, it got some very good design and which suits perfectly for business niche directories or general directories.

- Demo of the template at http://www.allinfodir.com/
- Download DeepBlue Template

License: Free to use (Require link back in footer) Please view readme.txt file inside the template pack for all details.

[ DeepBlue Author Website ]