Important Information on Using Templates

I got a very important question on Red Lava’s Thread on NamePros Forum about using mods on phpld template.

So here is the question by angisson
Question: Can you clear up something for me?

I downloaded it (yes just got around to it) and found paid mods from in there. thease are not free mods, you have to pay to get access (like I did) to get them, did Dan give you permission to do that, and if so proof?

Answer: I can add mods in my templates so it avoids a lot of trouble installing the template.

Although, when you downloaded a template that contains mods such as ‘Suggest Category’, ‘Rate Listings’, ‘Report Listings’, ‘Statistics Mod’ etc. etc., you will have to pay for 10$ lifetime membership so you use the templates legitimately. Nobody is a modder/programmer/scripter for phpld, it is good that you pay those 10 bucks and then it’s done (same with the php link directory forum support for v3) and,
It is the same as the version 3 of phpld, you will have to buy the phpld license and report to David about it in order to use the version 3 for phpld.

Note: This is the responsability of the user to know what they have to do when they use a template from PHPLD Your Site. I/WE am/are not responsible for any problems regarding illegal use of mods and version 3 of phpld.

Also before using templates read this section of the terms of use!

4 Responses to “Important Information on Using Templates”

  1. angisson Says:

    why not take out all the mods and than they have no choice but to pay for the mods.. or better yet you should pay for giving out the mod when you should not have.

  2. PHPLD Your Site: Free PHPLD Templates and Stuffs » Blog Archive » No More Mods Says:

    […] Sorry for that, we were sure we could use those mods, you can read about it here. Today if you download our templates there will be no mods with them. Also if you want us to implement mods for you, follow the above instructions and contact us with as much informations as you can (What version, which template, what position–placement, etc..etc..) […]

  3. abdou Says:

    Hi Webs
    Welcome me here I am newbie in directories and scripts 🙂
    I installed a free PHPLD2 Version, and I need some help
    -how to add adsense? banner?
    -How to add subcategories under categories?
    -is there any way to upload categories instead of add one by one?

    more questions coming 🙂
    Please assist my contect:

  4. tarun Says:

    I need to install this script at