About Us


PHPLD Your Site is a website dedicated into the distribution of free phpld templates. We believe that not everyone are designers, and having a beautiful directory skin is a right that any (new) webmaster have, especially if they have just a few designs skills and programming experience.

All our templates are validated by the World Wide Web Consortium and are easy to customize. For each of those templates you will be able to place your banners and ads easily because we already created those placements for you. You just have to go into your HTML (WYSIWYG) editor and delete some comments tags.
You will also find all the instructions on how to modify the template in a readme.txt file in the .zip file of any downloaded templates.

Design suggestions are more than welcome since we’re doing this for you. We will work at 100% with the users, whether you need to convert a current template based in v2.X into v3.X, have design ideas, problems intalling a template, question about phpldyoursite and/or mods integration question and troubleshooting, we’re here to help you and guide you for the sake of your directory.

In order to be able to use the version 3 of phpld we invit you to visit the official PHP Link Directory website and purchase it. It is strictly prohibited to use the version 3 without having purchased it.
The version 2 can be downloaded on the page download under “Free phpLD Version”.

We take great pride in making the internet different each day that passes by, and the satisfactions of our users is the real value for all the hardwork we put on ourselves in creating those templates,