Red Lava new phpLD Template


– Version 3.0.6 & 2.1
– Red layout, suits nicely for business and general directories
– Ads placements already created.
– Accessible for IE 5.5+, FireFox, Opera and other web browsers.
No Demo available for the template ( just look at the screenshots below or browse the phpLD templates user page. )
– The zip file contains .psd files, fonts, template installation guide, .png files (working for IE5.5/6.0 using some javascript fix).

Particularity of the Template:

CSS menu, that menu bar looks really cool! (Let’s hope there is still the demo so you get a proof of it!)
Mods installed on v3.0.6: Suggest Category + Alexa Traffic Details in Link’s Details page + Contact us + Statistic Mod.
Mods installed on v2.1: Suggest Category + Details Page Mod (with alexa traffic rankings also) + Contact us + Statistic Mod.

Screenshots of the Templates:

Red Lava Screenshot 1 Red Lava Screenshot 2 Red Lava Screenshot 3 Red Lava Screenshot 4

Download Red Lava Template:

Red Lava Version 2.1 | (361kb / .zip)
Red Lava Version 3.0.6 | (271kb / .zip)

30 Responses to “Red Lava new phpLD Template”

  1. Kojak Says:

    Another good job done Admin.. I will be using this nice template very soon.. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Anthony Ettinger Says:

    cool design!

  3. Admin Says:

    Thanks guy, if you meet any problem installing it (i had problems with people over Digital Point Forums) just contact me 🙂

  4. Butler Says:


    Very nice clean design.

    Never set up a directory before so I’m wondering about that first off. Also I’m running a Mac but that shouldn’t be a problem since everything is run server side once installed, correct?

    Can I change the image in the header?

    Paypal is built in I just need to add my user id and info?

    Am I required to only keep the two links on the footer? Thats it?

    Let me know and hopefully the installation guide would anwser all my other questions.


  5. Admin Says:

    Hello Butler,

    You asked some good questions! Here are the answers:
    Whether you use Mac or PC this is the same, you’re correct about the server side stuff.
    You can change the image in the header! You will have to use the software photoshop, image gallery or coldfusion from abode.

    Once you downloaded the red lava template, look into the folder ‘psd’ and you’ll see the image header file, just modify it!
    Php link directory and its easy payments, don’t worry about paypal, you will just have to add your paypal address, set whether you sell links per year, quarterly or monthly, set up the fees of featured, regular and reciprocal listings! It’s very easy to do,

    The installation guide of red lava…. Well i tried my best seriously, i say that for any people that have a problem, contact me! And i’ll help you set up your directory, you can contact me here like you can contact me on my email at ******,


  6. Fuser Says:

    Hi, great template…really good design. Its one of the best ive seenso far….ive added it to

    Thanks for this skin,

  7. paprik Says:

    Good day Admin, this is the best phpld design i’ve ever seen but is it compatible with the latest phpld (3.1)? as im looking to use it for my new directory.

    Thanks 🙂

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    […] I’ve been searching for red lava template on google and found that eSyndicat thread about a guy claiming he did the Red Lava Template on phpld and implemented it for eSyndicat! WTF? […]

  10. Tyler Says:

    Will this nice template work with 3.1.0?

  11. Admin Says:

    Yep now it is working in v3.1, you go to the download page by clicking download at the top of the right side, and you’ll see red lava v3.1 at the bottom, if you find some issues you can report them here or email me!

  12. Linkrain Says:

    Very nice and clean. Maybe I will give it a try, especially because it is working with v3.1.
    Thank you

  13. DaddyNanny Says:

    Hi Admin,

    This is a nice template, I actually arrived at this site when I clicked the link from another directory site because I thought I wanted to use the template too.

    My question is – will it work in the latest version of phpLD which is 3.2?


  14. Trabalho em Casa Says:

    Nice template. Thank you.

  15. Dan Says:

    Man your theme is awesome ! Great work thanks

  16. santa Says:

    ‘Suggest category’ mod doesn’t seem to work in 2.1?

  17. Graphic Design Says:

    I recommended this template to my client and she liked it in very first impression. I must say…. job is great.

  18. Nina Says:

    I have installed this for my client and he was thrilled to bits.

    Good show!

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  21. Turkey Real Estate Says:

    Hi Webmaster,

    This is what I’ve been looking for so I will be buying a version.


  22. Deesha Says:

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  23. Brass screws Says:

    Gr8 tool for Brass screws site

  24. Amu Says:

    Great tool. Will use soon.!

  25. Bedava Arama Says:

    nice template but the version 3.2 or 3.3 is necessary.Will you work on?

  26. Estetik istanbul Says:

    Nice template,I liked it.

  27. Evden Eve Nakliye Says:

    Is it possible you to work on the latest version 3.3?

  28. Guvenlik Sistemleri Says:

    This template I liked,really nice but pls the 3.2 version.

  29. UK Web Directory Says:

    Please coding this themplate for version 3.3


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