How To Install

There is an installation guide in each templates you will download, it will explains how to install the template properly so that your directories works fine.

We will support you to install your templates if you don’t know how to do. But we are not working for php link directory and our advices might be not as relevant as the one found on the PHP Link Directory Forum.

For the version 3.0.X:

Not so complicated, you just have to copy the folder that you uncompressed after a template’s download and past it to: root of your directory/Templates/here. Keep the name of the template as the name of the folder so you don’t get lost after when you have to manage templates!
After the installation.txt file will tell you which file you have to move to other folders and what code you have to include to your other files so that some special mods works without any problems.

For the version 2.1:

This is the free version of phpLD, and the way to use a template is a bit different. You still have the “Templates” folder but you will not be able to manage templates like you can do on the V3.0.X.

So here you will have to copy and past all the files with the extension .tpl of a downloaded template to the root of your directory/Templates. Also don’t forget to copy and past the main.css to the root of your directory and not inside the Templates folder. Some codes doesn’t work the same in v3.0.X and V2.1 so you will probably find mistakes in the templates. If so please contact us.

The installation.txt file will completely tell you what files you have to move and edit in order for the template to work fine.


Of course we’rent superman and might make mistakes, if you still can’t install a template after have tried all you could do to fix it, contact Patrick at patrick[at]

If we can’t fix your problem the PHPLD Forum will fix it for you anyway.

Thank you