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phpLD v3.2

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Hello everyone,

I’ve just been back from holidays, i was in France for a couple of weeks, it was also for business so i didn’t catch up with the latest version of phpld the v3.2.

I’ll probably do a few templates of that version when i have free times. But before i do that i will explain you how to upgrade from v3.1 or older to v3.2.

Important Threads from the phpLD Forum

– Official thread of the release of the v3.2, important if you want to know about the new features.

About the changelog within the v3.2. All the changes in the v3.2.

– Here is all the informations you need on how to upgrade from v3.x to v3.2, thread by boby the phpld maniac

What’s new with the v3.2?

Finally there is the Contact Mod on that version. Now you have a quick category adder which makes it easier to create categories. Those are big updates in my humble opinion, you will not have to use that freaking contact mod that i made for the previous versions lol


Moved to Another Hosting

Friday, March 30th, 2007


I’ve been very busy lately cause i had problems with my hosting, so i moved and all my other sites to Host Gator. And it rocks!

So basically, on my previous hosting i had 7 databases to show the demos of the templates, that i will not recreate at all. So there’ll be no demos for now. I’ll just choose directories that uses the templates as Demo sites, or if you’d like to volunteer just drop a comment.

Cheers and w00t!

Scammer from Another Directory World

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

I’ve been searching for red lava template on google and found that eSyndicat thread about a guy claiming he did the Red Lava Template on phpld and implemented it for eSyndicat! WTF?

Lol so everyone please see the fake red lava for eSyndicat, it looks ugly, definitely not from me.

You! The scammer! Put back the link of on the template! And hand me over the file of my template even if it’s eSyndicat.

No More Mods

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

I’ve been warned to remove the mods on all my templates (except for the contact form mod, which is free to use) by the owner of Monster Submit. To be able to use the template’s mods (if you use a version that have mods, older version) you will have to pay 10$ at phpLD Vault.

Sorry for that, we were sure we could use those mods, you can read about it here. Today if you download our templates there will be no mods with them. Also if you want us to implement mods for you, follow the above instructions and contact us with as much informations as you can (What version you are using, for which template, what position–placement you want for your mods, etc..etc..) and we’ll try to make that up for you.

Now it is said, if you use our templates with mods and you didn’t pay for it, you could get in some copyrighting troubles.

P-S: We will contact you using the contact form mod on your directory that uses our templates to let you know about those changes and the step you have to take to be legitimate.

Time To Make Some Choices

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

I have been upgrading IWD to the v3.1, and it’s not bad at all! That new version is ok but i think i preferred the old one, this is a reason why i’m gonna to upgrade just the major directory and not the others.

Time for you to make choices here!

I am going to upgrade 2 templates of your choice in v3.1 and no more! Just put a comment with which template you’d like to see on v3.1 and i’ll make that up for you guys,

As i know me, the forthcoming templates will be better and better, now all templates will be up for v3.1 and v2.1 only, as we try to keep up with the new phpld technology and force the change. Bye Bye V3.0.6!

I am awaiting you for templates suggestions!