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3 Templates in v3.2

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Check out the download section to see what’s new with the templates!

Templates in v3.2:
Red Lava
The Spirit
Little Little

Now you have 3 great templates to use for your web directories in 3.2 for free. You can also upgrade the other templates of phpldyoursite if you like some of them also.

Some Advices about the Templates

If you find problems with them just drop a comment and i’ll try to figure out what’s wrong. The phpLD team always release new versions of phpld with a lot of modifications to do for the same results.

There is a template coming this week so you might want to use that one also cause it looks pretty neat from here!


Update to v3.2

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Thread on phpld forum, that tells you in details how to upgrade your templates if you were looking for it.

Back In Business

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Hello everyone,

I was making new sites lately so i wasn’t really on a lot. Anyway, i am now upgrading the templates to the new version of phpld 3.2. You will be able to download the new versions in the Download section.

So we are making templates for the following versions of phpld:
– Version 3.06 and 3.2
– Version 2.1

So we make 1 template in 4 different versions. That’s a lot but it’s alright anyway, there’s not much differences between the 3.06 and the 3.1.

Our preferences!

We recommend users to choose the v3.06 of phpld. That’s just that it is the most awesome version! It’s faster to check links and easier to customize, easier to use etc etc… We’ve been downgrading the following directories to the v3.06 (some of them never were updated to 3.1+): No Dangers, The Squat, Isamu, Webmaster Directory, Desty Nova, Irka Web Directory.


There will be a template coming tomorow or day after tomorow. I have a friend that gets married tonight! Pretty cool stuffs