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Hey everyone, it’s been such a long time

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Hi everyone,

My web directories are totally down right now and it appears PHPLD is done for good. It’s been quite a ride and sadly, since Google totally destroyed web directories back in 2010, there is no point in pursuing their creation. I will try to find a way to put back an html version of all my web directories so that people who bought lifetime links will still have them up anyway.

Thank you so much for everything, you guys are awesome.
Long live internet !

3 Templates in v3.2

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Check out the download section to see what’s new with the templates!

Templates in v3.2:
Red Lava
The Spirit
Little Little

Now you have 3 great templates to use for your web directories in 3.2 for free. You can also upgrade the other templates of phpldyoursite if you like some of them also.

Some Advices about the Templates

If you find problems with them just drop a comment and i’ll try to figure out what’s wrong. The phpLD team always release new versions of phpld with a lot of modifications to do for the same results.

There is a template coming this week so you might want to use that one also cause it looks pretty neat from here!


Nobody Submits Manually to Directories

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

It’s a fact, after i patched IWD to stop receiving submissions by bots, i lost 90% of submissions. Is this a joke? Where are all those submissions from companies that claims themselves ‘Manual Submitters’?

I advise everyone to patch their directories, no more headaches, no more massive ban, no more waste of time, it’s freedom! Now webmasters doesn’t need to switch their free directories into paid directories due to huge amount of spam submissions 🙂
So i’m very happy now and will patch all my other directories this week end!

Important Information on Using Templates

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

I got a very important question on Red Lava’s Thread on NamePros Forum about using mods on phpld template.

So here is the question by angisson
Question: Can you clear up something for me?

I downloaded it (yes just got around to it) and found paid mods from in there. thease are not free mods, you have to pay to get access (like I did) to get them, did Dan give you permission to do that, and if so proof?

Answer: I can add mods in my templates so it avoids a lot of trouble installing the template.

Although, when you downloaded a template that contains mods such as ‘Suggest Category’, ‘Rate Listings’, ‘Report Listings’, ‘Statistics Mod’ etc. etc., you will have to pay for 10$ lifetime membership so you use the templates legitimately. Nobody is a modder/programmer/scripter for phpld, it is good that you pay those 10 bucks and then it’s done (same with the php link directory forum support for v3) and,
It is the same as the version 3 of phpld, you will have to buy the phpld license and report to David about it in order to use the version 3 for phpld.

Note: This is the responsability of the user to know what they have to do when they use a template from PHPLD Your Site. I/WE am/are not responsible for any problems regarding illegal use of mods and version 3 of phpld.

Also before using templates read this section of the terms of use!

New version of phpLD Released v3.1.0

Friday, December 1st, 2006

So for all the new guys that wants to run a directory using the php link directory technology, here are a few tips and informations:

Thread on php Link Directory Forum about v3.1 (discussion)
Official thread of the v3.1 release

Old resources for phpld version 3:

Upgrade to Version 3 thread

Problems encountered

Seems like some mods aren’t supported. So, perhaps it’s better to wait a while before installing it, once i notice everything is alright i’ll start upgrading templates for v3.1 and will also upgrade my directories (outch**) That hurt!
I keep every one informed,

Maintenance On Current Templates

Sunday, October 29th, 2006


I received messages from users that requested i do some changes to some templates. e.g: the logo button (back to homepage) doesn’t work correctly, or you can’t show your google ads.

I’ve fixed all those problems, now you will not encounter any troubles using those templates, i try my best to make you guys using those templates easily without any problems.

Little reminder For Adsense on PHPLD

To make your google ads work, just use that code {literal} Here are your google adsense script or any ads script {/literal}. Without those tags, the ads will not show up! So do not miss using them.

If you have any problems of any kind with phpLD, please visit the Knowledge Base Section at PHP Link Directory.

Using A Template On V 3.0.0 > 3.0.5

I’ve no time creating templates for all versions, i’m alone building them, if someone helps me well why not but right now i cannot. So here are a few tips for you to have any templates in v3.00 to v3.05.

Download any available templates in v2.1. Basically its the same script (V2.1 to v3.0X except v3.06) except for the files main.tpl and top_bar.tpl, just follow the html structure on v2.1 and copy and past it to the new template file (in v3.0X) without removing the original script.

If you are not careful, well it will works out but, latest links, top hits and category search will not work properly, so make sure it works fine, you can be a phpld designer too it’s not that difficult.

It can takes a while before you’ve your template working at 100% on any versions, just test your templates out until you see no mistakes, make sure people visit your templates also to give you comments or insights about what could be done to improve it or where are located mistakes and errors,

Next Template is Coming!

Yep Yep Yep! YAY! Yeah you will see how it looks like once its finished 😉