Download phpLD Templates

All phpLD templates are gathered here with the versions they are working on, some templates works only on the v3 or v2 of phpld so be careful when you download them and install them,

Make sure you did back-up of your old template before you start installing one of those phpld templates!

There are no templates for the version 2.0! Templates are for v2.1+ and v3.0.6+

– Grey Luxury Template

The Spirit Template

– Abstract Blue Template

– Irka Web Directory Template

– Red Lava Template

– Little Little Template

– Illuminati Template

– Desty Nova

– Free phpLD Version 2.X Download:

  • phpLD Version 2.0 – Version 2.0 of phpLD, we will not design templates for that version, you will have to use the v2.1 or older.
  • phpLD Version 2.1 – free version of phpld!

General Informations Before Using Templates:

1/ If you want to use the version 3 you will have to buy it’s licence, for more informations please visit PHP Link Directory

2/ DO NOT remove the links in the footer of each templates.