Maintenance On Current Templates


I received messages from users that requested i do some changes to some templates. e.g: the logo button (back to homepage) doesn’t work correctly, or you can’t show your google ads.

I’ve fixed all those problems, now you will not encounter any troubles using those templates, i try my best to make you guys using those templates easily without any problems.

Little reminder For Adsense on PHPLD

To make your google ads work, just use that code {literal} Here are your google adsense script or any ads script {/literal}. Without those tags, the ads will not show up! So do not miss using them.

If you have any problems of any kind with phpLD, please visit the Knowledge Base Section at PHP Link Directory.

Using A Template On V 3.0.0 > 3.0.5

I’ve no time creating templates for all versions, i’m alone building them, if someone helps me well why not but right now i cannot. So here are a few tips for you to have any templates in v3.00 to v3.05.

Download any available templates in v2.1. Basically its the same script (V2.1 to v3.0X except v3.06) except for the files main.tpl and top_bar.tpl, just follow the html structure on v2.1 and copy and past it to the new template file (in v3.0X) without removing the original script.

If you are not careful, well it will works out but, latest links, top hits and category search will not work properly, so make sure it works fine, you can be a phpld designer too it’s not that difficult.

It can takes a while before you’ve your template working at 100% on any versions, just test your templates out until you see no mistakes, make sure people visit your templates also to give you comments or insights about what could be done to improve it or where are located mistakes and errors,

Next Template is Coming!

Yep Yep Yep! YAY! Yeah you will see how it looks like once its finished 😉


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  1. Devang Says:

    wait for next template

    – Devang Barot
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    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.