Scammer from Another Directory World

I’ve been searching for red lava template on google and found that eSyndicat thread about a guy claiming he did the Red Lava Template on phpld and implemented it for eSyndicat! WTF?

Lol so everyone please see the fake red lava for eSyndicat, it looks ugly, definitely not from me.

You! The scammer! Put back the link of on the template! And hand me over the file of my template even if it’s eSyndicat.

3 Responses to “Scammer from Another Directory World”

  1. Simon Gooffin Says:

    Just a note. eSyndiCat team is not responsible for any kind of templates that are made by other people. They can modify templates as they wish and we are not related to their customizations at all. We take responsibility for our templates only.

  2. Admin Says:

    I don’t say it’s you guys, when i say there is a scammer on phpld i don’t say php link directory is a huge scam, it’s the same with you guys,

    By the way, probably because i’m not a user of esyndicat, but lol a forum is made to be public and not ‘private’, if i notice someone that is scamming others or myself i make him public! What’s the problem with that?

    T_T, so everybody behold and see how others don’t care about copyrighted content when it’s not their problems.

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