Moved to Another Hosting


I’ve been very busy lately cause i had problems with my hosting, so i moved and all my other sites to Host Gator. And it rocks!

So basically, on my previous hosting i had 7 databases to show the demos of the templates, that i will not recreate at all. So there’ll be no demos for now. I’ll just choose directories that uses the templates as Demo sites, or if you’d like to volunteer just drop a comment.

Cheers and w00t!

4 Responses to “Moved to Another Hosting”

  1. Directory of Directories Says:

    I have released this template for v2.1 please post about this in your blog

  2. Warren Says:

    Hi, working on customizing my PHPLD now. Just looking for templates. I’ll submit it when it’s done. But you can check the freshly installed site @
    Nice work dude!

  3. Mark Christian Says:


    If you would like the templates hosted, I will host them for you, free. I will set up the 7 databases and the template sites, if it helps.


  4. site hosting Says:

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