phpLD v3.2

Hello everyone,

I’ve just been back from holidays, i was in France for a couple of weeks, it was also for business so i didn’t catch up with the latest version of phpld the v3.2.

I’ll probably do a few templates of that version when i have free times. But before i do that i will explain you how to upgrade from v3.1 or older to v3.2.

Important Threads from the phpLD Forum

– Official thread of the release of the v3.2, important if you want to know about the new features.

About the changelog within the v3.2. All the changes in the v3.2.

– Here is all the informations you need on how to upgrade from v3.x to v3.2, thread by boby the phpld maniac

What’s new with the v3.2?

Finally there is the Contact Mod on that version. Now you have a quick category adder which makes it easier to create categories. Those are big updates in my humble opinion, you will not have to use that freaking contact mod that i made for the previous versions lol


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