No More Mods

I’ve been warned to remove the mods on all my templates (except for the contact form mod, which is free to use) by the owner of Monster Submit. To be able to use the template’s mods (if you use a version that have mods, older version) you will have to pay 10$ at phpLD Vault.

Sorry for that, we were sure we could use those mods, you can read about it here. Today if you download our templates there will be no mods with them. Also if you want us to implement mods for you, follow the above instructions and contact us with as much informations as you can (What version you are using, for which template, what position–placement you want for your mods, etc..etc..) and we’ll try to make that up for you.

Now it is said, if you use our templates with mods and you didn’t pay for it, you could get in some copyrighting troubles.

P-S: We will contact you using the contact form mod on your directory that uses our templates to let you know about those changes and the step you have to take to be legitimate.

2 Responses to “No More Mods”

  1. jack Says:

    can you design the template that looks like ?
    design it looks like top bar of and the search part.

  2. krutoi Says:


    i downloaded the file 21grey_luxuryv1 for my v2.1 phpld

    i *really* like this look and was hoping to use it for several directories

    at the moment it looks fine, except for a few things listed below – is this due to mods missing or something else?


    1. “latest links” and “top hits” don’t seem to work
    2. the “stats” that can be seen on the front page of the demo aren’t present
    3. if i click on “home” from a subdirectory it just refreshed that page instead of returning to the main/index page

    appreciate any help you can provide, and again very nice work ya’ll have done here 🙂