Back In Business

Hello everyone,

I was making new sites lately so i wasn’t really on a lot. Anyway, i am now upgrading the templates to the new version of phpld 3.2. You will be able to download the new versions in the Download section.

So we are making templates for the following versions of phpld:
– Version 3.06 and 3.2
– Version 2.1

So we make 1 template in 4 different versions. That’s a lot but it’s alright anyway, there’s not much differences between the 3.06 and the 3.1.

Our preferences!

We recommend users to choose the v3.06 of phpld. That’s just that it is the most awesome version! It’s faster to check links and easier to customize, easier to use etc etc… We’ve been downgrading the following directories to the v3.06 (some of them never were updated to 3.1+): No Dangers, The Squat, Isamu, Webmaster Directory, Desty Nova, Irka Web Directory.


There will be a template coming tomorow or day after tomorow. I have a friend that gets married tonight! Pretty cool stuffs

One Response to “Back In Business”

  1. dirboss Says:

    Can I use “template” folder available inside PhPLD 3.x template folder to use same template for 2.x?