Little Little phpLD Template all Versions


– Version 3.1, 3.0.6 & 2.1
– Ads placements already created.
– Accessible for IE 5.5+, FireFox, Opera and other web browsers.
No Demo available for the template ( just look at the screenshots below or browse the phpLD templates user page. )
– The zip file contains template installation guide, .png files (working for IE5.5/6.0 using some javascript fix).

Particularity of the Template:

– Have Alexa traffic rank on the details pages, besides that, the details page layout looks pretty good.

Screenshots of the Templates:

homepage.jpg linkslayout.jpg details.jpg submit.jpg

Download Little Little Template:

Little Little Version 2.1 | (49kb / .zip)
Little Little Version 3.0.6 | (141kb / .zip)
Little Little Version 3.1 | (141kb / .zip)

13 Responses to “Little Little phpLD Template all Versions”

  1. TG Says:

    This one will be a hit anytime soon, nj 🙂

  2. Admin Says:

    Let’s hope so, i’ll develop more better templates, at least some that just doesn’t take a day to design only T_T

  3. Admin Says:

    There was problems with captcha for the version 3.1, fixed the problem on the php link directory forum, thanks a lot!

    Also don’t forget people that uses our templates get a link on the templates user page, it’s nice to have a backlink :p

  4. Daniel Says:

    Do you have a fix for details page?
    I’ve signed up and payed for the mod but it’s pretty bad looking so I wonder if you got the files for this template.

    Best regards

  5. Admin Says:

    Yeah sure, send me the detail page mod at *****, so i am sure you bought it and all, then i’ll make it up for you in a few hours!

    Anyone that bought mods from have all the help about implementing them!


  6. Bo Buchanan Says:

    Awesome Template! I really like the nice clean design – and admin has been great whenever I’ve had questions or found something that needed to be tweaked! Thanks for this awesome free template admin !!

  7. BMVG Says:

    I’m trying this template, but I have a problem in the Submit Page…I have only 2 options “Regular links” “Regular links with reciprocal”….

    I cannot save in “System > Link Submit”??? How can I fix it?


  8. BMVG Says:

    Ops it was my fault 🙂


  9. ZoneNoktaorg Seo Yarışması » Free phpLD Template LITTLE LITTLE Says:

    […] Little Little: Demo of the Template | Informations of Little Little | Download the file […]

  10. youtube Says:


  11. youtube Says:

    thanks very good

  12. film izle Says:

    I’m trying this template, but I have a problem in the Submit Page…I have only 2 options “Regular links” “Regular links with reciprocal”…

  13. wow gold Says:

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