4 Templates Ready for v3.1

Hey everyone,

So here it comes, i have upgraded Grey Luxury, The Spirit, Red Lava and Abstract Blue to the version 3.1 of phpLD. Go to the download section and get your directory up to date with the templates you like!

If you encounter problems, use the comments form below and i’ll get to you as soon as possible,

4 Responses to “4 Templates Ready for v3.1”

  1. Kempton Says:

    Love the red lava template. However, if you try to use version 2 with PHPLD version 3.1 and require users to register before submitting, the registration cannot be completed since the image verification does not work. All you see on the registration screen is the text alternative to the verification image.

  2. Admin Says:

    Well… T_T, is there a problem with the v2 or the v3.1, the image validation for the v3.1 works fine, you can check it at http://www.phpldyoursite.com/t/31-1/submit.php , but if you want to have people registering to your directory to submit, seriously it s*cks, forget it!

  3. Kempton Says:

    I found out how you can fix the profile template to upgrade it to v 3.1 easily so that you can have people registering to submit. Check the phplinkdirectory forum for instructions on upgrading templates to v 3.1. Now I’m back using your template for v 3.1.

  4. Admin Says:

    If you need help just let me know i’ll do my best :p, i’m just not used with the v3.1, if you guys find problems just let me know like Kempton.