Problems With The Header Buttons In The Templates

– Some of our users have problems with the top logo link. When you click on a category or want to submit a link, then you want to go back to the homepage, well you will click the top logo but it doesn’t redirect you to the homepage, it actually redirects you where you are right now so why bother clicking? Why doing effort?

– The problem is fixed if you download the files today, for the ones that already downloaded the files please change the following code for your header logo’s link which is located in header.tpl file.

For the hyperlink of your logo we use that code: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT} which is the root of your directory. Well just add /index.php to that code (which is your logo link) and everything should work fine. E.g:


Now it should redirect you to the home whenever you will click the logo button! Thanks for the PHP Link Directory forum and Boby for that fix :).

2 Responses to “Problems With The Header Buttons In The Templates”

  1. Levent Says:

    I think adding a slash “/” at the end of the variable is a better way in terms of SEO (Since generally main domains (not pages) tried to be seo optimized.). I had a similar porblem related to “Home” link and solved it by adding a slash at the end of the url:


  2. Admin Says:

    Lol, you’re right. I just tried it out and the “/” is way better than all the stuffs above,

    So instead of using “{$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/index.php” for the href of your link, just add “/”,

    Thanks Levent 🙂