Illuminati phpLD Template All Versions


– Version 3.1, 3.0.6 & 2.1
– Placement for your google or other ads are already created.
– Accessible for IE 5.5+, FireFox, Opera and other web browsers.
Demo of the template (if not available or other template see screenshots below): NWO Directory
– To see how links renders like visit the category Internet > Web Directories.

Particularity of the Template:

– Have Thumbnails on the details pages.
Header is fully customizable, you will have to use Photoshop in order to modify it. Don’t thank me, i thought that you’d like to customize it since it’s not a general related template theme.

I want to remove the Sponsor Link:

– I am actually creating a site about the new world order, perhaps it doesn’t concerns you but it should. This web site will warn people about what is the actual plan of mankind, based on conspiracy theory. I invite you to visit that web site once it is created so you understand a bit about it.

Keeping that link will help me show what the world’s governments are up with us. So if you want to be part of the counter movement keep it.

– If you want to remove the footer’s link. Please read above first.

Removing a link costs 40$ per directory. You will have the right to only remove the link of & not

– Remember that removing footer’s links are against the copyright policy of PHPLD Your Site, to understand further about it we invite you to read the Terms of Uses.

Screenshots of the Templates:

home.png detail.png links.png submit.png
Download the Illuminati Template:

Illuminati Version 2.1 | (500kb / .zip)
Illuminati Version 3.0.6 | (635kb / .zip)
Illuminati Version 3.1 | (640kb / .zip)

9 Responses to “Illuminati phpLD Template All Versions”

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  3. Hiram Says:


    First I would like to Congratulate you on the beautiful Templates you Create.
    Love them!

    I tried installing the 3 versions but to no avail. I use Cpanel, but I still could`nt get the sites/templates up. I`m not very experienced with installing php.

    I also have other sites with illuminati names. I was really hoping I could get your Templates up. They would be perfect, and great geo-targeting.

    The site I wanted to put them up on is
    I also have .org but at the moment its fwd to my webhosting company.

    I wanted to combine this with

    Anyhow, perhaps you can help? with installing them.

    If so, I can send you the info to login to my Cpanel to install them.
    In exchange I can offer you some scripts or free advertising space on some of my sites.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Admin Says:

    Hello Hiram,

    I’ll try my best to help you! Glad you like the templates, i’m currently busy working on a customer’s project and can’t help immediately, but you can crawl on the and see how to install phpLD, if you got the version 3 for free then you have to buy it, and you also have to buy the sponsor forum for 10$ (don’t forget to send a message to one of the moderator of the forum David, Boby etc… to tell them to activate it).

    If you don’t want to go through all this just give me a few days and i’ll contact you regarding that issue,

    Regards and i’m happy you like it 😛

  5. Hiram Says:

    Greetings Admin,

    Thanks for the response. Someone installed it for me, but I thank you for offering to help, Greatly appreciated. Ok, so do I have to pay you now?
    Not a prob if I do, i`m just confused as to what you mean above.
    Being that I had someone else install it, i`m not sure which version was
    installed. If you could please elaborate, and let me know what I may need to do, i.e. sending payment, etc.. Thank you. I`m open to all options.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Admin Says:

    Ahahahah, don’t pay anything it’s free… If you know about the illuminatis then do your job and show the people what’s going on, that’s all i ask you. Oh and don’t remove the link to please,

    Good luck with your site,

  7. Hiram Says:

    Greetings Admin,

    Thanks again for elaborating.

    What`s interesting about whats really going, well, there are
    2 sides to every coin. If you read through my sites, you`ll start
    to understand. There is a clue, like a piece of a puzzle, a gem to
    be found, if one searches for the Treasures of Gold. Then all falls
    into place.

    Keep in Touch!

    In LVX

    Kind Regards,

  8. Evden Eve Nakliye Says:

    really nice template but would you like to improve 3.2 version of it?

  9. Halen Says:

    Nice to read.