Nobody Submits Manually to Directories

It’s a fact, after i patched IWD to stop receiving submissions by bots, i lost 90% of submissions. Is this a joke? Where are all those submissions from companies that claims themselves ‘Manual Submitters’?

I advise everyone to patch their directories, no more headaches, no more massive ban, no more waste of time, it’s freedom! Now webmasters doesn’t need to switch their free directories into paid directories due to huge amount of spam submissions 🙂
So i’m very happy now and will patch all my other directories this week end!

3 Responses to “Nobody Submits Manually to Directories”

  1. pat Says:

    How did you patch it to ban automated submissions ?

  2. Admin Says:

    The article before that one tells it all on how to stop auto submissions from bot 😀 :

  3. David Methus Says:

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